About Our Company

Basin Bit Company was formed in 1967 by Bill G. Cooper (Big Bill) & Jean Cooper.


We incorporated in 1995, one year after his passing. We primarily serviced the Arkoma Basin until moving into the Fayetteville Shale Play in 2007. Although originally set up to sell three cone bits, our business headed in a new direction in 1971 when we became the Authorized Distributor for Mission Hammertools.


Today, the percussion bit and hammertool business accounts for about 75% of our revenue.


In 2008, we designed and built our own 8” hammertool, and proved it to be a player.  In 2010, we built our first 12” hammer. A few months later, we built our first 10” hammer. We are now past the "prototype" mode, and can confidently compete with and surpass any tool on the market.


Our newest line of “SS” hammers that will drill 2-3 TIMES faster than anything out there.


We’re even working on a directional hammer that we expect to be road ready by Fall 2012.


Another aspect of our business began in 2005, when we began getting in the completion end with 4 air foam units, a power swivel, and a fluid pump.


This segment makes up 25% of our revenue.

Our experience goes beyond just selling hammertools.


We’ve operated air drilling rigs for 20 years, and still operate some shallow horizontal gas wells that we drilled with hammertools.  Our knowledge is not theory – It’s practical application and experience.


Basin Bit Company provides a complete inventory of percussion bits from 3 5/8” to 20”.  Hammertool sizes range from 3” to 15”, and all are kept in manufacturer’s tolerance.


Our salesmen offer the best service and 24-hour support available.


We’re available to travel nationwide.  Our prices are reasonable, and our service is outstanding.